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Back.. from where... we don't know... but we're BACK!

Dr Ronnie Luv Show
Published by in 2016 ·
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Welcome back luvlies!

We were gone for a stint but we are BACK with an all new show.

The Doctor goes in the ring to tell us about a BIG court case. On Twitter I asked everyone about the boldest thing they have ever done in bed (I think a few of you may have gotten the Dr blushing… im jealous!) In breaking FHUKS news I told the Dr about a cult who has the feel goods, why having a bush might be in your best interest, and a Microsoft experiment gone wrong. Our emails are gems like always and one even made the Dr break out in song! And of course, the Dr has a fabulous joke to end the night!

We are always looking for your emails to be featured on our next show. Email ME – – and be a part of the NEXT Dr. Ronnie Luv Show.

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Until next week my luvs,
Luv you long time, Nurse Lotsa Luv

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