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Published by in 2015 ·
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Hello luvlies, thanks for stopping by the Luv Office.

This week the Doctor summed up Comic Con – you have to listen to find out if he was impressed… or not. And in light of Comic Con I asked everyone what Super Hero or Villain would they bump uglies with given the chance. We got a great array of answers! I might have to start writing some naughy comics soon.
In breaking FHUKS news we had a Storm Trooper who walked the distance, and some dildos showing up in unexpected areas and parcels.
As always we LOVE getting YOUR emails and giving you advice… well.. sort of… we at least like giving you our opinion! So keep sending your emails to or use any contact form here on the site!
Make sure to keep an eye out for next week’s Question so YOU can be a part of the Doctor Ronnie Luv Show. And if you want to leave us a message, you can use our Speak Pipe line, we might even play it on the next show.
Until next week luvs!
Luv you long time, <3 Nurse Lotsa Luv
OH and if you want to sing-a-long with the Doctors Flippin Fuckin Comic Books, here are the Lyrics!
There's Superman & Spiderman, Iron Man & Wolverine
The X Men, Avengers & The Hulk who's Mad & Green
Fantastic Four, Wonder Woman, Captain
America, "The Dark Knight" Bat man & Robin 1-2 & 3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Catwoman,  Jonah Hex
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Ghost Rider, Luthor, Lex
Watchmen, Titans, Silver Surfer, Tank Girl and even better
There's Kick Ass & how about that Daredevil
Black Canary, Yellowjacket, Green arrow & Black Panther
One guy called The Question but not one called the Answer
if you want inspiration YOU DON'T HAVE TO SEARCH
There's Doctor Strange & Dr Fate, Doctor Doom from Latveria
And Mighty Thor who first appeared in Journey into Mysteria
Punisher,  Ultimates & Green Lantren with a Mighty Ring
Power Pack,  Rocketeer,  Black Widow or MANTHING
You're probably acquainted with The Justice League or JLA
Doom Patrol, DEAD POOL how 'bout Birds Of Prey 
2 Face, the Penguin, Aqua Man & Collosus
The Human Torch, The Riddler, Nick Fury & Doctor Octopus
There's Supergirl, Spawn & Blade, Joker With The Wild laugh
Green Goblin, The Tick, The Flash he Is Mighty Fast
if you want inspiration YOU DON'T HAVE TO SEARCH
That's really a tiny fraction of the characters who have passed through
I could read all the rest but I simply don't fucking want to

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