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Happy Independence Day from the Doctor Ronnie Luv Show!

Dr Ronnie Luv Show
Published by in 2015 ·
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Happy Independence Day for those of you in the United States! For those of you who aren’t (or who see this after July 4th…) WELCOME!!! We LUV having visitors!

This week the Doctor was excited for the 4th of July – and took the opportunity to tell us what he knows about the History of the Americas – the Doctor is one smart cookie! Aside from American History the Doctor also told us about a REAL killer robot!! Yes… a robot (can you believe it?) On Twitter (and everywhere else) I asked what everyone’s favorite sex toy OR sex related product was, and we definitely got a good array of responses. In breaking FHUKS news I told the Doctor about some bug sex (because I love to talk bug sex with Doctor Luv), a glitter jizzing penis, and a reason for Doctors to watch their P’s & Q’s. Of course our emails brought another small handful of bizarre, yet fun questions from our luvly listeners. And the Doctor leads us out of this History filled edition of The Doctor Ronnie Luv Show.
We hope you have a SAFE and FUN 4th of July… or any other day for that matter!
I am still working on our new web store – almost there folks! Just seeking a few answers and we are THERE! Keep posted!
See you next week!
Luv you long time,
<3 Nurse Lotsa Luv

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