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Published by in 2016 ·
Tags: ComedyAdultPoliticsTrumpDonaldTrumpFoodSexloveRelationshipSexNewsLoveAdvice
Hi Luvlies!

So glad to be back again. We have another wild and crazy show ready to share and I hope you are ready to hit play, scratch your head, and laugh along with Dr Ronnie Luv and me!

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This week the death of one special lady sent the Dr into a tailspin into politics, and as always the Dr is not shy about giving his opinion! I had a tasty Question this week, I wanted to know what foods you all liked to use during sex or foreplay, or what foods you maybe wanted to try (personally I haven't really experimented with food so I was looking for some ideas!). We got some yummy responses that I am definitely going to have to keep in mind. In breaking FHUKS news I told the Dr some “scientific” reasons to have more sex (other than it feels good and Dr Luv tells you to), as well as priceless stag party prank, and a mattress that revealed its owners naughty secrets. As always we chose a few fan sent emails to answer; from attached friends with benefits, orgasm questions, and too many partners? And keeping with the theme he started the Dr had a few political jokes to share with us all.

We are going to be headed to Tennessee next week so we will be taking a small break. But we will be back (that is your warning). Make sure to send us your story, question, or comment to nurse@theluvoffice.com. And follow me on twitter - @NurseLotsaLuv to be included in our next Question of the Week!

Be back soon!
Luv you long time, <3 Nurse Lotsa Luv

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